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Tap Into Your Child’s Digital Media Knowledge To Make Money From Home;
S.I.M.P.L.Y Family Business™ 

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Let me show you How To Get Them Excited at the prospects of making their own money while supporting your business grow.


Simple Online Business Strategy to create a product or services people will love to pay them their worth


Learn my 6 proven strategies to see both of you bond happily over same gadgets in a productive and beneficial way


I am a Mum, Social Media Entrepreneur and Online Business Strategist; with a mission to support parents build with their children, a Fun, Fruitful, Family Business, so as to foster greater bond and relationship in families.

Having worked as a nurse for over a decade in the NHS (Britains public healthcare service), I realised the insufficient time spent with my children was concerning.

A search for an alternative way of making money led to the discovery of Social Media Marketing, where I encouraged my children to join in. They soon started making money with their Instagram accounts (@beautywithblessing & @tasty.thyme) and I had to seek their support to serve my clients. 

I’ve had the opportunity to work with the secret millionaire and serial entrepreneur, Caroline Marsh, Tech Mogul and ‘Oprah of Tech’, Cecilia Harvey, as well as Yale Professor and Diversity and Inclusion expert, Dr Nakia Hamlett. 

We launched “SIMPLY Family Business”, to meet the demand of parents’ requests on how to work with their children online.

My S.I.M.P.L.Y Family Business™ helped parents enjoy the live of their dream and desire, with their children, while making money from home


  • I have been thinking of building a business empire with my kids starting them off early. This I thought will also give them a complete mindset shift. I found Simply Family Business Coaching, run by Beatrice Yakubu and her daughters, Blessing and Vanessa Yakubu. I learnt so much from the program, including business start-up ideas, marketing on
    social media as well as getting my children interested in my business.Most importantly, I can have fun working with my children and have time and financial freedom at the same time.My favourite part of the program was about the idea of speaking positive affirmations at all times and believing in myself and my abilities. And to also celebrate the small wins. Having a vision board as it makes a lot of difference.I am currently learning to become a social media manager and got my first client 4 weeks into the training, and I am over the moon.Thanks for your support Beatrice, truly appreciate it.If you are interested in starting a business with your child, I will encourage you to get in touch with Beatrice.She and her daughters are thorough while delivering the training, and good at breaking business concepts down into simple terms, making them quite easy to understand.I’ll also assure you that you’re going to get great content and value for money.

    -Adetola Elutilo, Founder and CEO of AE Social Media

    I joined the simply family business programme to enable my family to gain skills and knowledge on making money through social media. With the training, I acquired a lot of knowledge about social media marketing and management. What I loved most about the program was the ability to identify client avatars (prospects), and to use that as my business strategy.

    The two days training was great and I also enjoyed the 1:1 coaching sessions too.

    The results I achieved with the program are numerous. 

    First of all, the support I receive through coaching and mentoring has enabled me to develop my own coaching program to support ladies manage their weight, keep fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

    I got my first client already, which is exciting. 

    In addition, I learnt in-depth skills and ideas about time management, which is a tremendous help for me to do more in my day.

    What I can tell you who is thinking of working with Beatrice and her daughters is that you are going to gain a wealth of knowledge, skills and great support to start your own business.

    Thank you Simply family business for your support, impacting lives and changing destiny.

    You are simply the best.

    -Pastor Catherine Adegoke, Founder of Kingdom Wellness Coach

    Beatrice is one of the nicest most supportive people I have ever met. She is kind patient a good listener with a brilliant aura of happiness and wellbeing surrounding her. For the past two years Beatrice has made me understand the value of social media and that it is something that can help raise your profile and increase your business opportunities.

    Anyone working with Beatrice will find they have a diamond in their midst. Also Beatrice has two totally awesome daughters Vanessa and Blessing both of whom offer services for website design and instagram growth ideas. With Beatrice as your social media manager Vanessa as your web designer and Blessing as your Instagram Influencer you will find yourself in the capable hands of The Dream Team. DM Beatrice to find out more. I’m truly grateful.

    – Sylvia Milton, Psychosexual Therapist

    "Beatrice's social media marketing expertise was invaluable to me as I continued to build my social media presence. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and professional and I would work with her again and again. I'm so glad that I came across her profile and will surely seek her assistance again in the future. Thank you Beatrice for all of your hard work and expert support!"

     Nakia Hamlett, Phd, CEO of Complex Psychology

    "Beatrice is great to work with! She checks in to make sure your needs are being met and is always open to suggestions and feedback. Content that is created for our social media is on brand and done to a high standard."

    Roisin Emmanuel, Founder of Reeveal UK

    “Thank you for your time.

    I found the session helped me to think deeper about my potential customers and the impact my service will have on them and their wider community.

    Looking forward to more sessions"

    Yinka Omishore; Founder of Juice Fit

    I will like to thank Beatrice for helping me find tenant on Facebook for my rental property.

    For the past two months my property was vacant and under two estates management. This was costing me a lot in my mortgage and other fees.


    Beatrice showed me how to run a Facebook Ad and also boost my post. Within a week, I got a tenant and I feel excited.

    Samantha Wangari: Property Investor

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